Flashback – Top 20 Posts of 2017



Now that a new year is approaching, it is time for a short summary. It’s been another exciting year for photography. My beloved Fujifilm X100T has been with me more than ever. I still have my DSLR, but I don’t use it that much. Most of the photos here are shot with the X100T and only a couple are shot with my Nikon D7100.

Like previous years, I have shared a photo almost every week throughout the year and these twenty posts are the ones who have received most likes and comments in 2017. Some of my favorites are not among these twenty. I still have some shots in my shoe-box and I am looking forward to share them with you.

For the first time in my life, I traveled to a city with only photography in mind….well, and some football too. And as you can see, many of these twenty shots are from London. Hopefully, I can make a similar trip to another city in 2018.

This site has been dedicated to black and white photography. I once read that shooting in black and white is like juggling  with three balls and shooting in colour is like juggling with five balls. In the past, I have become more and more interested in colour photography. Hopefully, I can learn to juggle with five balls too. I’ve been working on a web site now and then  through this fall and who knows, maybe it will be launched in the coming year.

I have contributed to some competitions this year as well. I gave it a go again in The Black and White Spider Awards and my shots got nominated in these categories; People, Fine Art and Silhouette. The Fine Art shot even got an Honorable Mention.

Earlier this year I became a guest contributor on the site Monochromia. This is a blog with black and white photography by enthusiasts from around the world. I’m really loving it and I’m looking forward to contribute the coming year.

Thanks to all the people who have visited, liked and commented on the blog so far! I really appreciate it and I will continue to post photos. It is both inspiring and challenging. Thanks a lot! I’ve been using Instgram a bit more frequently lately. Feel free to follow me

Here are my Top 20 Posts for 20132014, 2015 and 2016

Looking forward to 2018 🙂

Happy New Year!

* more favorites here

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