Slice of Life – Top 20 Posts of 2015

2015 has been an exciting year for photography. I have attended two different workshops this year. The first one went throughout the year with several gatherings. It was based on the book “Fotografér” by the Norwegian photographers Tone Elin Solholm and Torkil Færø. It was really fun and stimulating to follow the course and to meet the other photographers. The second workshop was a short sequence with the Norwegian street photographer Trond Lindholm – also very inspiring.

2015 was the year I participated in my first photo contests. I won first prize in the “I Shot It – City Competiton” in February with this shot. In addition one of my shots was runner up in the “I Shot It – Street Competiton” in August. I even participated in The Black and White Spider Awards and all of my three contributions got nominated in three different categories; Children of the World, People and Silhouette. I know I have even better shots for the next year’s competitons 😉

Thanks to all the people who have visited, liked and commented on the blog so far! I really appreciate it and I will continue to post photos. It is both inspiring and challenging. Thanks a lot!

Here are my Top 20 Posts for 2013 and 2014.

Happy New Year!

The Rosebery Crow

The Rosebery Crow

Edinburgh, The UK

More shots here

Where to Go?


Edinburgh, Scotland

Adding a Friend


Edinburgh, Scotland

What Time Is It?


Edinburgh, Scotland

This is my contribution to Weekend Reflections #200The Weekend in Black and White & Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge (Upward)

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