Airport Attraction

Catania, Italy More shots here

Foggy Saturday

Oslo, Norway More shots here

Top of the World

Chania, Greece More shots here

Wrong Place

Rondane, Norway More shots here There are several reasons why this post fit into the category “Against The Odds”. First of all it’s rare I meet animals of this size and that they turn up in front of a target like this. Secondly, this is my post number two hundred – who would have thought?

Plenty of Time, Dad!

London, The UK More shots here

Lonely Rider

London, The UK More solitude shots here


Rondane, Norway I’m usually pretty calm, but sometimes life feels a bit more chaotic….. More shots here  

Blending In

Oslo, Norway More shots here

Wintertime Sketch

Oslo, Norway Norwegian woods seen through a wet car window. More shots here  

Making Traces

London, The UK More time shots here