Poplar Promenade

London, The UK More shots here

Frozen Lake

Rondane, Norway More earth shots here

The Chase

London, The UK This light-wall tunnel at King’s Cross really surprised me. More shots here

Dangerous Ground

Rondane, Norway Security first, right? More shots here

Wooden Waves

Rondane, Norway More shots here

The Bucket

Alcudia, Spain More shots here  

The Party Is Over

Oslo, Norway More shots here

Winter Desert

Rondane, Norway More shots here  

Pace Difference

Oslo, Norway More photos here

Two Years of Sharing

Steilene, Norway This was the first photo I posted on http://www.mittenedhands.com two years ago. Thanks to all the people who have visited, liked and commented on the blog so far! I really appreciate it and I will continue to post photos. It is both inspiring and challenging. Thanks again!