Cabin Life

Cabin Life

Rondane, Norway

More corner shots here

19 Comments on “Cabin Life

  1. My favorite … image of this weeks topic. I not very good at the puzzles – but when I do one I always start in a corner .. and then the edges. I haven’t done a puzzle since I got my radiation treatment – they had one in the waiting room that I think more or less every patient spending their waiting time on. A fellow patient and I, we put down the last 6 piece just 2 days before our treatment came to an end. 12 weeks later she died – but I’m still here .. 7 years later. Thank you so much for bringing the bittersweet memories back.

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  3. I love jigsaw puzzles, and your brilliant image has me trying to recognise the picture 😉

  4. Ha, perfect. Do people turn to puzzles or just make sure they get a hot spot for the cabin?

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