All Italian

All Italian

San Vito lo Capo, Italy

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20 Comments on “All Italian

  1. Nice. I saw so many little Fiat cars like this when I was in Rome, but never a road so quiet as in your composition. Great shot!

  2. Great photo, and I am sort of tempted to recreate it in H0 scale (maybe showing my favourite characters just hanging around). As for the car, I think it is the original FIAT 500, maybe tuned by Abarth – a car we lovingly call Knutschkugel in German, a term that does not translate easily, but knutschen is colloquial for intense kissing, and Kugel translates into orb or globe. Yeah, back when…

  3. Cool photo. Very Italian. True Italy.
    Renovated old Fiat500 you can find in south Italy like Calabria or Sicily.

  4. That’s a charming little car, I can see it tearing around the mountains with some crazed Paisan behind the wheel.

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