Keeping Warm


Røros, Norway

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  1. Loved this photo; the black and white is really special, and the theme of keeping warm really fits!!

  2. Great, – it is kind of a igloo!

  3. Wow! Amazing.

  4. Wow

  5. Really cool!

  6. Great; wherever it be, a home is a warm room. Excellent choise and photo, congrats!

  7. Beautifully photographed!

  8. We are always building small igloos and put candles in them for christmas. So warm and welcoming!

  9. Beautiful photo!
    I think the black and white treatment really makes it striking.

  10. Looks to be a difficult exposure but is done so well. Wonderful work!

  11. Very cool!


  12. Love this!

  13. I love this photo. The uneven shapes of the blocks add so much charm.

  14. Phenomenal! Love the light peaking through the spaces.

  15. Wow! Very cool!

  16. Really nice photo

  17. Wow, looks mystical, like something from the Lord of the Rings.

  18. Igloo…..keeping warm…..I’ll say. Holy Cow! This b/w format is excellent.
    JM, Illinois, U.S.A.

  19. Outstanding image, I love it :)

  20. wow terrific


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