Warning Hot


Palma De Mallorca, Spain

More angular shots here


  1. What an unusual silhouette.

  2. Like if an alien was arriving… I like this pic very much!

  3. sylviakirk says:

    An alien arriving indeed!! What a wonderful shot and reflection for the day!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. It may be hot but it’s a very cool shot. ;-)

  5. fascinating image, wow!

  6. Strange and fascinating… It look a little like I image aliens… ^^

  7. Virkelig fascinerende! Elsker uttrykk som dette! :)

  8. Faszinierend !

  9. Gorgeous triangle shot. :) Thanks for participating.

  10. It looks like an alien taking a dip! Fascinating! :-)

  11. Very impressive shot, sci-fi feeling.

  12. crazy. a sci-fi rendering to be sure

  13. Cool shot.


  14. Beautiful shot you have there :)

  15. Odd and so beautiful!

  16. Nice! I love the stark and angular nature. It reminds me of a dancer.

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