St. Mary’s Basilica


Kraków, Poland

My contribution to: The Weekend in Black and White , Weekend Reflections & Photo Friday’s “What I Found” challenge


  1. beautiful reflections… great composition!

  2. Very nicely composed, and I love that reflection.

  3. A great post for The Weekend In B&W!

  4. Sophie Aphrodites says:

    You have sensitive eyes!
    Excellent entry!

  5. Kul komposisjon og flott refleksjon! :)

  6. lunedemaledaumon says:

    Framing a basilic into a puddle in very original, bravo !

  7. Well spotted. Many of us would have just avoided the puddle and not noticed the spectacular reflection.

  8. I love it!

  9. Lovely moody photo, and perfect in b&w.

  10. Very creative out of the box thinking. I adore your photo. Thanks for playing!

  11. Great capture!

  12. Wow, amazing :)

  13. love it!

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